How I almost got scammed out of $10,000

A fake job offer gone wrong

TL;DR I got "hired" as a Remote Software Engineer by someone posing as AutoNation and was supposed to be shipped office supplies but "issues" cropped up leading me to cash a fake check and almost wire transfer ~$9k to buy office supplies from their "vendor", but I snapped out of it at the last minute! They sent fake check via UPS(1 day ship plan) that would not clear in 7 days and time pressure you to cash it in and then wire them.

My state of mind at the time:

Here are a bunch of reasons why I, someone who ignores various phishing emails from USPS and various others over the past several years, almost managed to fall to a job scam.

  1. I'm not too well accustomed with the job hiring process. I only had 1 other job before this which was not a big software engineering gig.
  2. Got the flu the week I was hired
  3. Brand new WORK ONLY EMAIL, I only ever used on indeed. No one knows this email exists, which made me think low chance of scam.
  4. I trusted indeed in that they actually audit employers before they let them post. I'd expect craigslist not to but indeed/linkedin? NOPE THEY DO NOT AUDIT/VERIFY EMPLOYERS? EDIT: I looked back at my job application history and it turns out I never applied here in the first place. Ohh the pitfalls of spamming resumes. Whoever got a hold of this email I can only assume came from indeed? Or something else I'm not aware of...
  5. Less than 5 hours of sleep per day for past the week I was hired because of the flu and waking up at 6AM PST to match their 9AM EST. Once I wake up, I often can't fall back asleep.
  6. I mass sent out applications on indeed that I sorta lost track of them! So used to getting ghosted, not to mention I was very busy.
  7. STUPID busy in the middle of writing a big patch for my game, in the programming-zone, I wanted to get it done before I leave for work in case work was too heavy, which lead to a lot of quick skimming.
  8. My attitude was that of renewing my drivers license at the DMV. Ugh, just get this all done already, I'll adapt to whatever situation arises but atm I'm on a bit of roll right now finally getting some headway on my game project. I'll just try n dedicate at least an hour to brush up on some of their listed topics.
  9. Looking forward to the job since I've never worked in software as a team, so I skipped half the interview questions relating to team dev(red flag I know but I thought it wasn't a big deal, learn it on the job! Their company software dev reviews seem so nice)
  10. Company Software Dev reviews were pretty nice and welcoming. Kinda weird they aren't testing me at least a little on C# or w.e the job is requiring but I guess maybe this is why they have high reviews? Onboarding is easy and they treat software devs not as leetcode monkeys but as actual adaptable humans. Still very weird though....
  11. I saw a ton of red flags in regards to grammar and spelling but brushed it off, maybe it was just some foreign recruiter, whatever, I make typos all the time. I mindlessly skimmed and autocorrect as I read.
  12. Can you even fake a check these days? Like no sane person would ever want to fake a $100 bill, all the green ink, cotton paper, watermarks, and being on the run is WAY too much. Surely we have as much advanced check counterfiet detection tech as we do the dollar check! Who would even risk it?! (We do but their fake check clears in 7 days and they try to time pressure you).
  13. I'm gaining money and benefits from the job, I'm gaining money from this check, the thought of loss did not enter my mind until I had to wire back.
  14. Why did @gmail email not throw you off? I had just watched a bunch of youtube interview vids where some advice given was to cut the middleman, go find the recruiters email directly! So I thought I got lucky that this recruiter is giving me their personal email. This guy was actually the VP
  15. Why did the poser Marc Cannon, the executive vice president, interviewing you not raise flags? I did look him up and found it a bit odd but my previous job was a small company of 50-200 had the CEO interviewing me so it wasn't too weird. I thought huh, maybe they're short staffed atm.
  16. I didn't even know job scams existed till now! Let alone ever use the two words in a sentence before.
  17. THEY COULD NOT HAVE PICKED A BETTER OPPERTUNITY TO SCAM SOMEONE GIVEN ALL THE REASONS ABOVE! Well, if I had kids that'd raise the probability higher...

The details:

Here is all the email exchange, google chat logs, receipts, and timestamps.

The email exchange:

Download the interview questions pdf. I skipped half the questions relating to team software dev and communicating in a team


AutoNation Remote software engineer
12 messages

JEST <> 30 November 2022 at 17:48
From: AutoNation . via 


Our company AutoNation received your resume and application in respect of our job posting for the position of a Software Engineer (Remote) posted on indeed and our website.

Base on your Experience, Happy to inform you that you're among the applicants selected for an online interview on Thursday DEC 1st.

The interview is scheduled for Thursday 12/01/2022 from 8AM EST to 4PM EST. You're to contact the Corporate HR representative Marc Cannon Ap. On Email at ( ) to confirm and acknowledge the receipt of this email and to schedule your interview and confirm your availability for the interview. You are to be available on Email ASAP for the interview on Thurs, Your swift and timely response to this position matters a lot as the job interview starts between 8am to 4pm EST, Contact Marc Cannon Ap to let him know your Availability between this time. Have a great Evening.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best



JEST <> 30 November 2022 at 17:48
Hello! I am here to schedule my appointment I will be available starting 9 AM to 4PM tomorrow on 12/01/22.

Marc Cannon <> 1 December 2022 at 05:57
To: JEST <>
Good morning, My name is Marc Cannon Ap ( I'm
using my secondary email for fast response... Thanks

Thank you again for your interest in employment at AutoNation, We are
recruiting via online potential employees who would eventually have an
office space at home for Software Engineer - Remote.

We have carefully considered your application during the initial
screening and will now proceed to administer a Screening
test/Interview for you.

In order for us to move ahead with the selection process, please reply
to this email to confirm your details as follows:

Name :
Phone Number :
City and State Location:

I will email you the Screening Test/Interview Questions as soon I
receive your email with the above details.

Thank you
[Quoted text hidden]

JEST <> 1 December 2022 at 09:24
To: Marc Cannon <>
Name: JEST
City and State Location: SOMEWHERE
[Quoted text hidden]

Marc Cannon <> 1 December 2022 at 09:25
To: JEST <>
Thank you for your information.

Please find attached the Screening test/Interview Questions for the
Screening/Interview process. Keep in mind that there are no ‘right

The Screening test/Interview Questions are designed to gauge your
skills and give us an idea of how you approach tasks relevant to the
Software Engineer - Remote role. Answer any of those questions the way
you can, You are required to email back your answers to me within the
next 90 minutes.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Best of luck with the test,
[Quoted text hidden]

Marc Cannon <> 1 December 2022 at 10:47
To: JEST <>
I acknowledge the receipt of your answers.

Our team will review your answers and forward the same to the Hiring
Board for their decision and I will get back to you with feedback from
the Board's decision within 3 hours, Kindly continue to check your
email within this time for response.

You will be having a virtual meeting with a representative from the HR
department immediately you complete your proper documentation as our
newly recruited employee to discuss further on your job offer and
attend to your questions.

This is going to be strictly an online remote (work from home) job and
the working hours are flexible which means you can choose to work from
anytime of your choice. This is a full time job with 40 hours

Furthermore you will be undergoing training before you start working
fully which will be between 5-7 days if you are hired at the end of
this process.

How much do you want to be considered for this job hourly ?

Let me know when you received this email and reply back with desired pay rate.
[Quoted text hidden]

JEST <> 1 December 2022 at 10:49
To: Marc Cannon <>
How much do you want to be considered for this job hourly ?
$40 an hour is my desired pay rate, thank you.
[Quoted text hidden]

Marc Cannon <> 1 December 2022 at 11:28
To: JEST <>
After serious consideration, I am glad to inform you that due to your
level of experience and your working skills, AutoNation has decided to
hire you as one of our Software Engineer Remote. On behalf of our
company, I congratulate you on your achievement. You are now offered
an opportunity to be part of AutoNation, You will be having a virtual
meeting with a representative from the HR department immediately you
complete your proper documentation as our newly recruited employee.

We believe that your knowledge, skills and experience would be an
ideal fit for our creative team and make a significant contribution to
the overall success of the Company.

You will be having a virtual meeting with a representative from the HR
department. Immediately you complete your proper documentation as our
newly recruited employee to discuss further on your job offer and
attend to your questions, You will receive your duties everyday via
email and I will be online to walk you through your tasks. You will be
undergoing a 5 to 7 days online training, via Skype, immediately after
setting up your mini home office.

We are starting you with $45 per hour and you will receive your pay
weekly via wire transfer, direct deposit or check, depending on which
you prefer. Benefits  include: 401(k) matching, Health and Dental
Insurance, Employee Wellness and Paid Time Off. You will be enrolled
for other benefits after a period of 3 months of working with us.

We are going to be communicating virtually till after 5 days of
working with us, subsequently a user and password will be given to you
including an up link to the company server and a list of contact phone
numbers to various departments will be sent to you including all
necessary forms to fill out.

Before you start work, you will receive a payment(check) which will be
used to set up your mini office by purchasing the home office
equipments and software needed to start your training and work.

You will be receiving your Employment Offer Letter from HR via email
to sign Later on today. Our aim is for you to start training as soon
as possible.

For confirmation purposes, kindly forward the following information to
enable the HR secretary to register you and prepare your offer letter:

Your Legal Name to be on check:
Full Home Address:
Phone number:
Your Email :
Amount offered you:
what bank do you have account with -

Please email the requested information to the IT department above to:

For clarification and Confirmation purposes, please provide me with
the same information you sent to the HR email above.
Let me know when that is done so that we can continue with the
remainder of the briefing.

Kind Regards.
[Quoted text hidden]

JEST <> 1 December 2022 at 12:22
To: Marc Cannon <>
Thank you very much. I'm very excited to get started.

Name: JEST
Role: Remote Software engineer
Full Home Address: 1234 1th ave
Phone number:XXXXX
Your Email :
Amount offered you: $45 per hour
what bank do you have account with - Chase
[Quoted text hidden]

Marc Cannon <> 1 December 2022 at 12:36
To: JEST <>
We look forward to welcoming you to AutoNation, You will be having a
virtual meeting with a representative from the HR department
immediately you complete your proper documentation as our newly
recruited employee to discuss further on your job offer and attend to
your questions. Subsequently you will be provided with the payment to
purchase the equipment from the Company's accredited Vendors. The list
of the equipment and supplies in the email with your offer letter
soon. Kindly keep your eyes on the email so you can sign and send

After equipment purchase has been made, the Company's accredited
Vendors will make the delivery of the equipment to you at your place
or at a  post office near you depending on your preference. A IT
director Lead from the Company will also be assisting you with the
equipment set up, however this will be done virtually due to the
COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Note: Kindly install google chats on your mobile phone and also add me
on google right now for more details about the job.

Enjoy the rest of your day and please do stay safe .

Kind Regards.

Kindly let me know if you've receive and signed your offer letter
[Quoted text hidden]

JEST <> 1 December 2022 at 15:00
To: Marc Cannon <>
I have received and signed my offer letter, thank you very much. Would you prefer I contact you over google chat instead of email? Or is either fine?
[Quoted text hidden]

Marc Cannon <> 1 December 2022 at 15:53
To: JEST <>
add me on google chats
[Quoted text hidden]

Google chats chatlog

PDF signing that I did:

emplyoment offer scam emplyoment offer scam emplyoment offer scam emplyoment offer scam emplyoment offer scam emplyoment offer scam emplyoment offer scam

They sent me a check via UPS urgent shipping, I cashed in the check.

emplyoment offer scam emplyoment offer scam emplyoment offer scam

With the help of friends and remembering wirefrauds were dangerous from crime shows, I held out and realized what was going on, wuv yall

The following emails and domains need to be taken down:

These are up as of: Dec 9, 2022

This has happened before to others:

KPRC 2 Investigates: Fake employer on Indeed steals thousands from job applicant

New mom looking for remote work scammed on Indeed

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Scammers using LinkedIn, Indeed to prey on people searching for employment

They have my drivers license which contains a lot personal information but eh... probably somewhere based in india or something, I dunno. I will be moving soon. If you have any advice please send it to me. Also on the offchance that someone is looking to hire or want to add more to this page, please email me:
my contact email: jestarray@gmail

I have already filed a report to the FTC, FBI's internet crime division, etc. Thanks for reading, I rushed to type this out cause I don't want anyone falling prey to this so there may be typos. Please share this to spread the word, thank you.


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